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What to see in Rimini and surroundings

The itinerary between history, traditions and amusement

We are not here the to talk about famous night clubs and “wild nightlife” in Rimini.

We would rather to focus on what to see in Rimini and surroundings with your family, in this itinerary between historical, architectural and cultural beauties of this province.

Do not be afraid, there are a lot of opportunities for amusement and some tips for couples and single travelers.

Find out right now the must-see places in Rimini and its surroundings.

1. Old Town, Tempio Malatestiano and roman monuments


Rimini (in latin Ariminum, in romagnolo dialect Rémne) is the second most populous city (after Ravenna) in Romagna , but the first one when we talk about holiday locations.

In 268 b.C., Romans settled in this territory and founded a colony (where today is placed Rimini), which was a fundamental piece for communications between northern and southern italic peninsula.

Romans raised some of the most interesting and beautiful monuments in Rimini, such as the Arch of Augustus, the Amphitheatre and the Bridge of Tiberius.

The first step of our trip in Rimini and surroundings must starts here, in the Old Town, admiring Arch of Augustus (27 b.C.), the Amphitheatre (2th century a.C.) and the Bridge of Tiberius (14 a.C.).

Rimini and its territory reached its greatest heights during the early Renaissance, thanks to the House of Malatesta.

One of the most lively in Europe, Malatesta’s court gave ospitality to famous artists as Piero della Francesca and Matteo de’Pasti.

Thanks to these masters, nowaday we can relish the magnificent sight of Tempio Malatestiano.

The costruction and following trasformations pass through 8 centuries: the Tempio Malatestiano was erected in 9th century, renovated in 12th century in gothic style, modernized in 16th century in Renaissance style.

Rimini inhabitants (riminesi) call it Duomo, which is also known as Santa Colomba Cathedral since 1809.

This is the official website of Diocese of Rimini, where you can find opening times and more information.

This is the map with Old Town points of interest.

2. Following Maestro Fellini


Now, a real pearl for those who love great italian cinema: let’s find out the places where the famous Federico Fellini lived and took his inspiration.

Crossed the Bridge of Tiberius, we take a walk in suggestive Borgo di San Giuliano, ancient and charming fisherman’s village that shows the real personality of this seaside town.

Maestro Fellini lived here, walked and got inspirations among this alleys and brought the romanticism of this place in his heart for the whole life.

Nowadays, the Borgo di San Giuliano has turned into an open air colorful museum, with pastel palaces and wall artworks. Renowned “Festa del Borgo” is held every year in this enchanting frame, for a festival made of music, events and new painting masterpieces.

If you want to see and touch Fellini’s places, you can also visit Piazza Cavour (from “I Vitelloni”), Porto Canale, Piazza Tre Martiri (from “Amarcord”).

Hollywood paid a tribute of 5 Oscar awards to Federico Fellini, it is not hard to understand why Rimini became a sacred place for movie-lovers.

Here is the points of interest.

3. San Leo: a perched gem


About 50 minutes away from the city, perched on a rocky ledge overlooking the Valmarecchia, there is a place where time has stopped in an ancient past: San Leo.

Between villages in Rimini province, this medieval village promises to steal the eyes and the heart of visitors.

The beauty and authenticity of San Leo lie in its stone alleys, the breathtaking view from belvedere and the famous fort.

The castle was built as a defensive fortification by the Romans and during Middle Ages was a point of contention between Byzantines, Goths, Franks and Lombards.

In the second half of 14th century the House of Malatesta conquered the fort and, together with the Montefeltro, they intermittently held the control till the half of 15th century.

Nowadays, San Leo is one of the most suggestive place in Rimini surroundings, second only to San Marino in the unofficial ranking of most loved and visited perched villages.

Our hint is to visit twice San Leo: once during the day, to enjoy the historical attractions and panoramic view; once during the night, to have a romantic dinner in the medieval atmosphere.


If you visit San Leo during the summer, do not miss the festival AlchimiaAlchimie: an august weekend completely dedicated to alchemy and fireworks, that emphasize the magical aura of this place.

This is the official website of San Leo Tourism Office, for more information and fort opening times.

4. Strolling as a giant


After the locations for history and movie lovers, we find out a family and kid-friendly place in Rimini: Italia in Miniatura.

“Italia in Miniatura” is a miniature park in Viserba, just outside the city centre. This thematic park offers a stroll among 273 italian and european most famous monuments.

The little explorers can admire wonderfull view of our country, walking along the Colosseo and Arena di Verona, Torre di Pisa and Mole Antonelliana.

There are also a lot of international points of interest, such as Tour Eiffel and The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen.

A plenty of opportunities for didactic moments and interactive training for adults and kids, with a breathtaking interval at the rapids “Canoe” rapids.

This is the official website of “Italia in Miniatura”, for pricing and more information.


5. Riccione beyond nightlife


As we promised, we did not talk about night clubs and nightlife, but we focused on history, cultural and amusement points of interest.

Nevertheless, writing about what to see in Rimini and surroundings, we have to mention the well-known heart of the italian summer: Riccione.

Maybe not everyone knows that there is much more beyond dance clubs and Romagna nightlife in Riccione: the city has a wide offer made of excursions, luxury shops and amusement.

Are you looking for a good purchase? Viale Ceccarini and its luxury boutiques is the perfect destination for you.

Are you looking for an afternoon of amusement with your family? The Aquafan and Oltremare parks are the solution.

Do not miss historical places, as Agolanti Castle: 14th century residence of Christina, Queen of Sweden.

Riccione is a human-sized city and deserves a chance, even despite too its reputation of nightlife-city.

This is the end of our tour of best places to visit in Rimini and surroundings.

We have surely forgotten some place, but it is impossible to mention every single interesting spot of this territory.

One thing is for sure: you have to visit Rimini and its surroundings at least twice in your life, once for summer holidays and once for all the other sights.

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