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Camping Italia Rimini is now part of Club del Sole Group!

The largest italian network of camping and villages.

Animation, Mini and Baby Club for children directly in the Village!

Proud to be one of the best children's villages on the Adriatic Sea.

To truly serene holiday, your kids should be the first to have fun!
That's why our family camping in Rimini offers many specific activities for them.

You can entrust with confidence to experienced and qualified staff, who will look after them and entertain them every day in a different way.

The Village Italia mini-club is open to all children between 4 and 10 years and is included in the price.
With our animators your children can play safely and enjoy making new friends. With the Baby and Mini Club, day and evening are a delight for all children - from age 4 - will make knowledge and experience with new playmates.

On the beach they will create sand castles, playing with paddles and buckets or to make tournaments and many other games and sports.
In playgrounds can engage in exciting tournaments to await the arrival of the evening, just as full of surprises.

In the evening the "TOP" for children is the Baby Dance, which always generated great interest.
The evening continues with shows and theme nights that will involve the children because the International Italia Camping Village is a real children's camp on the Adriatic coast!


In order to enjoy the entertainment service offered by the management of the camping, each accompanying adult must read this regulation is deemed to be approved and accepted in full by the time the child using the service.

The Mini Club service is offered for free.
The activities are entrusted to the animators of the company " Accademia dell’Animazione srl " who is in charge of managing and fun recreational activities on the beach and in the inner game to Camping.
The Mini Club service does not include the custody of children, therefore it is absolutely forbidden to adult companion to move away from the selected game from time to time by the animators.
The adult must accompany the child in the meeting point and take it back with him at the end of the service.

a) Minors, within the playing area can not bring own games, food, drink, animals. They can also introduce any other object that can be dangerous for the child himself and for other children and for the animators.
b) Every child must adhere scrupulously to observe the rules of proper decency and respect for people and things, and use appropriate language. Violent games are strictly forbidden as also giving jostling and use in an improper and dangerous games. c) The service managers are authorized to remove the child who does not comply with the Regulation.

The Direction of the Camping and companies Accademia dell’Animazione srl disclaim any liability with respect to loss or damage of things or clothes introduced in the play by children.
The Direction of the Camping and companies Accademia dell’Animazione srl as well as the animators service employees are free from any liability in the play as well as they are free from criminal and civil liability for damage caused by children on things and people.

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    Italia Rimini is partner of Club del Sole, the biggest Italian network of Camping Villages! 

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